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Kerala Best Hindu Wedding Highlights 2018 / SREELAKSHMI – HARI P NAIR / Sreeragamo

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In Hindu marriages the horoscope is the cardinal player in decision making. Nakshatra Porutham (matching of stars as per the horoscopes of the boy and girl) is essential to a marriage. An astrologer confirms the matching of both the horoscopes. Stars matching confirmation is the first step of Hindu marriage. After the stars matching is confirmed, the elder members of the boy formally approach the family of the girl. The broker who is the bridge between the two families approaches the girl’s family, equipped with complete details about the boy, his education and family details including financial status details. If the broker gets the node from the girl’s family, he reports back to the family of the boy. The elders of the boy’s family go to the house of girl to see her. If they are satisfied over the girl and the family, the boy is sent along with his friends to see the girl and ascertain the suitability. If the boy approves the girl, the family of the girl is requested to visit the house of boy. Their visit follows. If they are willing for wedlock relation, the next step is of fixing a date for visiting girl’s house by close relatives and neighbours of the boy. This is called Virunnu. On this visit they fix up a day with the girls family for betrothal which is Jathakam Vangal in local parlance.

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